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Category: Spaghetti alla chitarra

Spaghetti alla chitarra

Pasta is most definitely the center of the Italian gastronomic universe. However the names of different pasta shapes can vary depending on the region or the manufacturer. Sure, spaghetti are always spaghetti, but fusilli are sometimes called eliche. They sound delicious, however, you would never want to eat them with ragu!

The difference here is in how this pasta is traditionally made. The reason for this is the piece of equipment used to make this pasta.

The chitarra is a rectangular wooden frame with parallel wires running across it from top to bottom. The rolled out pasta dough is placed on the chitarra and pushed through the wires by rolling a rolling pin over the top of the dough. The resulting pasta looks like square spaghetti and has a porous texture. There is a similar type of pasta made in Lazio called tonnarelli and a thicker version called cariole. Some commercial pasta makers produce an egg free dried variation which is sold in other parts of Italy and abroad.

The chitarra was apparently invented in in the Abruzzo province of Chieti, before that pasta was cut using a special rolling pin with notches in it for the shape. In Abruzzo, maccheroni alla chitarra is typically eaten with a mixed meat ragu which includes lamb and tomato sauce seasoned with peperoncino or a lamb ragu with sweet peppers or with tomato sauce and tiny veal meatballs called pallottine.

I am planning to post more alla chitarra recipes soon but until then you can take a look at my alla chitarra with saffron and pancettaanother delicious recipe from Abruzzo. Cook the pasta in a large pot of boiling salted water for a few minutes until al dente. Drain and toss with a traditional Abruzzese ragu served with grated Pecorino cheese or a simple tomato sauce with peperoncino if required.

Piedmont-Piemonte Puglia Sardinia Sicily, the food and the pasta! Bigoli Pasta from Veneto Biricci pasta Bucatini; the spaghetti with a hole! Calamarata pasta from Southern Italy. Corzetti or Croxetti Pasta from Liguria. Grattoni-grattini pasta for soup Intrecci pasta. Lagane pasta from Southern Italy Lasagne or lasagna. Sagne Pasta from Abruzzo, Molise and Lazio. Prep Time.

Cook Time. Total Time. Delicious homemade long pasta from Abruzzo made with a 'chitarra'. Course: Homemade Pasta.

Cuisine: Abruzzo, Central Italy, Italian. Servings : 4. Author : Jacqueline Debono. Put the flour onto a clean surface or wooden pastry board and make a well in it.

Put a pinch of salt and the beaten eggs into the center of the well. Mix together well.In diesem Beitrag stellen wir dir das Rezept zu der Spaghetti alla Chitarra vor. Kaum ein Sonntagsessen in den Abruzzen vergeht ohne Gitarre! Gemeint ist damit keineswegs die musikalische Untermalung der Mahlzeit, sondern die Mahlzeit selbst.

So sieht aus: die traditionelle Pasta Gitarre aus den Abruzzen mit der Spaghetti alla Chitarra zubereitet werden. Sie werden auf einem Instrument zubereitet, das an eine Gitarre erinnert.

spaghetti alla chitarra

So erhalten sie ihre charakteristische quadratische Grundformdie sie von normalen runden Spaghetti unterscheidet. Pasta selber machen ist weder schwierig noch besonders aufwendig. Nun aber zum Rezept. Eier und Mehl — mehr brauchst du nicht um Frischeipasta selbst zu machen. Ziel ist es, einen glatten, geschmeidigen Teig zu bekommen. Auch ohne Pastamaschine kann man Nudeln selbermachen. Die Proezedur und das Rezept sind aber immer gleich. In etwa einer Stunde ist die selbstgemachte Pasta also fertig.

Weniger solltest du allerdings nicht einplanen.

spaghetti alla chitarra

Die Ruhepause hingegen dient dazu, dass die verschiedenen Bestandteile der Pasta sich miteinander verbinden. Ja, es stimmt. Davon musst du dich aber nicht beirren lassen. Hast du schon Mal Spaghetti alla Chitarra probiert, gekocht oder vielleicht sogar selbstgemacht? Sobald ein neuer Beitrag erscheint, wirst du per E-Mail benachrichtigt.

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Notwendig Notwendig. Nicht notwendig Nicht notwendig.In this blog post, we discover the origins and the use of this peculiar tool, the pasta guitar or Chitarra for making a distinctive type of spaghetti, originally from the Abruzzo Region, in Central Italy. But for us Abruzzesi here in Abruzzothe only chitarra guitar we know how to play, is the one to cut hand-made fresh egg-pasta dough, obtaining thin spaghetti with a distinctive square shape, called Spaghetti alla Chitarraliterally guitar spaghetti.

The Chitarra tool finds its origin in the Abruzzo region, without mentioning the province as we could get into an easy discussion among the locals. The exact date and who invented the tool is still a mystery and today you can find similar pasta guitar in other parts of Italy later in the post we examine the different locations.

With the years the materials have pretty stayed the same, a wooden frameusually beech wood, and steel. Nowadays it is replaced by stainless steel that does not rust. In the picture above, you can see the traditional pasta guitar from Teramo where the strings are much closer to each other about 1 mm than the other Chitarre you would normally find mm. In fact, the Spaghetti alla Chitarra from Teramo are really thin, and most of the Teramani would want it only that way, served with the traditional tomato sauce cooked with meat and the iconic Pallottine, translated tiny meatballs.

Nowadays, you can find double-sided pasta guitar wherein one side you have the narrow string to make the guitar spaghetti and in the other, larger strings to make fettuccine or tagliatelle.

In fact, if one line breaks, you have to replace the whole string on both sides. As we said earlier, we can find this dish in other parts of Italy as well, which we are going to analyze in detail and give my opinion on why the tradition has extended in these places.

Before starting, we can say that apart from the diverse names it can get, the dish finds its commonality in the ingredients used, semolina flour of durum wheatand eggs. In the Abruzzo Abruzzi region, as we said earlier the name varies depending on the location. In Abruzzo, guitar spaghetti is very much used today as a traditional Sunday meal and can be considered one of the top regional dishes of Abruzzo. The dish is traditionally served with a meat-based tomato sauce, usually consisting of pork, beef, lamb, and sometimes chicken or duck too.

The tasty and tender meat which has been cooking for many hours, it gets served as secondo second course. Crioli Molisani, similar to maccheroni alla chitarra, but hand-cut with a sharp kife and and much thicker.

Crioli Molisani, photo credit: TurismoInMolise. The name Crioli comes from the traditional shoelaces of the shepherds. They are usually served with a strong lamb tomato sauce or during the Christmas festivities, you can find them served with cod and walnut too.

Called Tonnarelli, they are the cousins of the spaghetti alla chitarra of Abruzzo. Tonnarelli, photo credit: Gran Consiglio della Forchetta. Their preparation is the same, using a pasta guitar, the only difference is that tonnarelli pasta is bigger and thicker. The difference is that they traditionally made with a special rolling pin cutter called Troccolaturo.

There is something connecting these similar food traditions which are to find in the Transumanza and the Tratturi.Click here to get more details. Subscribe to my Youtube Channel: www.

Cook Now. Follow on Instagram. My birth place is Grassano Matera. But I live in Mandurah W. He's a nice guy as well. Vincenzo's Plate is a Facebook-page of Italian gastronomy in which Vincenzo shows all the richness of Italian Food and its customs when it is time to "mangiare". In addition, the videos are very interesting and enjoyable.

I really enjoy this page. View this post on Instagram. Rate this recipe. Share Post. Share on Tumblr. Pasta alla norma, has everything you want from a delicious Sicilian pasta dish. Crispy eggplant, Tuna pasta is a refreshing pasta dish, suitable for all seasons and it can be Homemade cavatelli are eggless, oval-shaped pasta shells with a gap through the middle which is Pappardelle Pasta are ribbon-like strands best known for scooping up all of your favourite sauce True Neapolitan Pizza should be made in a wood fired oven!

Load More… Follow on Instagram.Spaghetti alla chitarra literally translates to 'guitar spaghetti' as, traditionally, it is pressed into long, square-shaped spaghetti strands using a stringed chitarra pasta cutter.

Spaghetti/Maccheroni alla Chitarra from Abruzzo

Here the pasta dough is vacuum sealed and left to rest for a day, a cheffy trick to ensure the dough is smooth and fully incorporated. Andrea Berton pairs this unique homemade spaghetti alla chitarra recipe with a delicious plum tomato sauce infused with basil and Taggiasca olives. One of Milan's most decorated chefs, Andrea Berton is a role model for cooks across Italy thanks to his beautiful food, dedication to good ingredients and fierce work ethic.

Take a look at what's new and get inspired. Latest Recipes. Can't see what you're looking for? Browse our collection of cooking guides.

View All. Andrea Berton. Starter medium 8 60 minutes, plus 1 hour resting. Discover more:. Share recipe. Related recipes. Manuela Zangara. Alessandro Gavagna. Spaghetti aglio, olio e peperoncino. Antonio Carluccio. Spaghetti alla chitarra. Plum tomato sauce.Tonnarelli are a similar pasta from Lazio. It has a squared shape rather than round. The name of this spaghetti comes from the tool the so-called chitarraliterally "guitar" this pasta is produced with, a tool which gives spaghetti its name, shape and a porous texture that allows pasta sauce to adhere well.

The chitarra is a frame with a series of parallel wires crossing it. The origin of the chitarra is still not very clear, a traditional recipe from the province of Teramo originated in the early s or even before. Before then, pasta was cut with a special rolling pin with notches to obtain its particular shape.

The dough consists of durum wheat semolina and eggs No salt. It is then worked and, after a rest of about 30 minutes covered, rolled flat with a rolling pin.

The dough is then placed on the chitarra and pushed through with the rolling pin, so that the strings of the guitar cut it into strips. In Abruzzo, maccheroni alla chitarra are most typically prepared with a ragu of pork, beef and lamb. In particular areas of the Abruzzi for example Teramo the traditional condiment is tomato sauce with beef meatballs, so-called pallottine. It is a traditional Abruzzo recipe.

It is generally a first course primo piatto. A dried variation, without egg, is often marketed as spaghetti or maccheroni alla chitarra both within and outside Italy. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Spaghetti alla chitarra Traditional preparation using chitarra.

Food portal Italy portal. Retrieved 29 September Categories : Types of pasta Spaghetti Cuisine of Abruzzo. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history.

Spaghetti alla chitarra

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spaghetti alla chitarra

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